The Liver’s Importance in the Human Body: Why You Should Care for It

How important is my liver? The liver is such an important organ that we can survive only one or two days if it shuts down—if the liver fails, your body will fail, too. You will look as old or as young as your liver is clean – it figures into anti-aging big time.


Your liver is the largest organ inside your body. It filters harmful substances from the blood, makes substances that digest food, and changes food into energy.

The Liver Controls Your Health and Longevity and Your Ability to Bounce Back from Infection

The liver is the largest gland of the body, weighing about 1.5 kg.

So why should you be interested in your liver function? Why is it more interesting than flossing teeth?

The liver can do 500 functions – that’s some multitasking! This is one powerful organ, the one organ in the body that is capable of regenerating itself.

Unfortunately, in this day and age with all the pollution in the air and food, the liver is being asked to take on TOO MUCH. There’s hardly a person alive that would not benefit from a liver cleanse. Why? The liver helps clean the blood, and helps remove all the pollutants before they get all over our bodies. Now that there are many pollutants in everything we do, voila, liver issues!

The liver removes dead or damaged blood cells from circulation, just like the government would remove damaged money from circulation. Why is this important, you ask? Well, because the blood nourishes every body system. If your blood is unhealthy, you will be too.


Just a FEW of the house cleaning tasks that the liver carries out in its workday are:

1) Storage of vitamins, minerals, and sugars. What if we couldn’t store them? What if we became deficient if we didn’t have enough of something one day?
2) Filter your blood and remove harmful substances. If it becomes overloaded and can no longer keep up, your blood becomes full of toxins, and you will feel terrible. With every beat of the heart, 25% of the blood goes to the liver to be filtered. If you live in the United States, you are being bombarded with processed foods with artificial flavorings and colorings and preservatives. The liver has to really work at filtering when we eat non-foods like this.

3) Store extra blood for emergencies. Being prepared can be a lifesaver!

4) It keeps the electrolyte balance maintained. Electrolytes like calcium and potassium help the heart to keep beating!

5) It helps to utilize fat-soluble vitamins like A (for eyesight), D (helps calcium to absorb), E (good for wound healing), F (essential fatty acids for normal growth and behavior), and K (helps blood to clot).
6) It helps use or eliminate excess hormones. Excess hormones can lead to some really weird situations. They can make people go postal!

7) It creates bile, which helps break down fats. What would you do if you could not tolerate fat? Food would be pretty bland, wouldn’t it?
8) It helps to manage blood sugar – helping to keep blood sugar stable. Without the liver functioning correctly, it can lead to diabetes or hypoglycemia, or reactive hypoglycemia (highs and lows).

9) Processing digested food from the intestines. You wouldn’t be able to take advantage of your nutritious food if not for the liver.

10) Whatever wastes that the kidney does not remove from circulation, the liver removes from circulation.
11) Clearing bacterial infections and combating infections in general (oh boy, I’ve just been through the flu and a bad cold, and I didn’t realize the liver’s role in returning me to health, either.) An impaired liver means an impaired ability to fight infections.

12) Neutralizing toxins and drugs – boy, oh boy, we sure do need that!

13) Controlling levels of fats, glucose, and amino acids in the blood.

14) Breaking down food to turn it into energy



A few signs that the liver needs to be cleansed could be (if other things are not causing the symptoms)

1) Breaking out in acne – which, of course is hard on the self-esteem
2) Hair breakage
3) Nightmares – bad dreams
4) Insomnia
5) Exhaustion
6) Flu-like feelings
7) Difficulty thinking or focussing
8) Pain under right rib
9) Blood sugar imbalances
10) more signs and symptoms here: and here

And these are not all the signs, just a few that we usually disregard. Search yahoo or google for more.



A few things which are good for the liver include:

1) Other than a nutritious diet in general, here are some specific things the liver loves: Beets
2) Herbs: Milk thistle
3) Supplement: Dr. Richard Schulze liver and colon cleansing products
4) Supplement: Chlorella

5) Food or Supplement: Chlorophyll in any form, where it is in BarleyLife (, or in chlorella, or in your greens.
6) Supplement: Health Force “Liver Rescue III”. An herbal formula that contains artichoke, dandelion, and Milk Thistle Extract to assist the liver in cleansing stored toxins.
7) Search google for more liver cleansing options.
8) Some general tips: Some more general tips at this site and some help choosing the right foods for the liver: . Special note: too much protein can stress your liver.

Story: a liver flush was one of the things that helped someone to heal clinical depression.



DISCLAIMER: This is information gathered from a number of sources and is educational information only, not medical advice. See a qualified medical professional.

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