UrbanVixen “Mystic Night” SnowBoard Creation, ReverseRocker / Camber


Snowboard is complete… now we just need snow! Let’s keep snow dancing ūüėČ

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UrbanVixen MysticNight Snowboard

UrbanVixen Snowboard ‚ÄúMysticNight‚ÄĚ Reverse Rocker / Camber. Best used for speed and difficult carving terrains‚Ķ Custom Made for U!!

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UrbanVixen MysticNight Snowboard
Urban Vixen Mystic Night Snowboard

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UV-snowboard-bottom, urbanvixen

This board is a 155cm, Reverse Rocker / Camber. Best used for speed and difficult carving terrains…

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Also check out UrbanVixen’s Character Athlete page

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UrbanVixen Clothing Urban Vixen

This board will be featured in the Snowboard Film…

UrbanVixen MysticNight Snowboard

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“StarBoards – Revenge of the Lift” a Film by Ride “N” Rich Productions

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Rider #UrbanVixen will also be featuring an UrbanVixen Clothing snow suit, one piece. Hand Made in Washington.

StarBoards UrbanVixen

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Cheers, The Foxy Lady!!!

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