Bogner – 80 years of Bogner.

BOGNER inspiration is nature – colors, variety, and beauty.

BOGNER’s moto: always in motion, experience the new, be sporty but fashionable.

Keep a keen eye – for the uniqueness lies in the detail…

Company Overview

Founded by Willy and Maria Bogner in 1932, the BOGNER enterprise quickly established itself as the inventor of ski fashion inspired by its enthusiasm for the skiing sport and striving for the highest quality. The history of the brand is found at its core – competitive sports and fashion. Since 1936 BOGNER has been official outfitter of the German Olympic and German Ski Association Teams.

Willy Bogner Jr. and his wife Sônia have continued this tradition in the second generation and are very much involved in the marketing, product development, and image of the BOGNER brand.

Willy Bogner’s other passion includes film making; among his accomplishments are four James Bond film sequences and a dozen ski films including “FIRE+ICE”, the most successful sports film ever to be shown in the cinemas, and “Ski to the Max” in 2000 as the first German IMAX film.

BOGNER remains the only label that combines sportiness and functionality with the exclusive, aesthetic and qualitative standard of design fashion.

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